Welcome to my official website at wich you can find all sorts of information about what I do and what I can do.
You can read all about me when you scroll down this page where you can read on and you can contact me in various ways. You even can chat with me, or leave me a message in my guestbook or on the official forum i've created when I'm not around in the chat (If I am online on the chat it is with the name "djdadevil"!). So you are interested in music, movies, ict and/or any other stuff you and I like, you can discuss about it with me and other visitor's on my website, or ask me, or anyone else, something about it. Read on and have fun!

About Me

The Music

Music has been my passion right from the start, it's almost like a world on its own. I collect, mix and produce all kinds of music. My gear consist of 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus 2 Limited Edition White multi-mediaplayers and 1 Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus 2 Limited Edition Mixer White in a flightcase, i also use a Pioneer Limited Edition Platinum RMX-1000 in a UDG Creator RMX-1000 Hardcase and a Pioneer Dj HDJ-X10 Silver Headphones. I sometimes also use and own a Denon DJ Prime 4 Multimedia player black with integrated hard drive also in a flightcase.
My former (now broken) gear where an IMG Stageline CD-360DJ cd-player set and 1 JB Systems Pro Series Beat 4 Mixer in a custom build case and a Philips SHL3300 Headset

The Movies

Movies are part of my life too, they have been around since the first home media was introduced. I have almost any kind of genre with >3.700 individual movies and series on dvd/(3d) and blu-ray(3d), and still growing!

My favorite movie genres are action, science fiction, horror, comedy, thriller, romcom and western movies.


My day to day work consists of combining my knowledge in the world of ICT. Also including the desktop publishing (DTP) world. Editing and making pictures/animations.

The Other

I also have a general understanding of how this world works in geography and astrology and thus even worlds beyond our own ;)

What I Do

The Music


The Movies

Buy, watch and loan them,
remember to bring them back!


All sorts of troubles to solve...
and so many things to make...

Everything Else

All the other stuff...

Get In Touch

You have a question, or you wan't to tell me something or notice me about something interesting? Or do you just wanna say something to me, no problem. I have various ways for you of contacting me, primarily via mail but also via a live chat (Notice, i'm not always online, I do have a day job!) or leave me a message in my geuestbook or discus something with other readers from this site on the official Dj Da Devil Forum. It's all possible. I cannot always reply at once, but I will reply, always!

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