Stonehenge Apocalypse
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IMDB   4.2
90 min. Netherlands / Engels
Misha Collins Jacob
Torri Higginson Kaycee
Peter Wingfield Dr. Trousdale
David Lewis David
Tina Milo Milivojevic Marla
Mike Kopsa General Forshaw
Brent Stait Major Peatman
Hill Harper Joseph Leshem
Nimet Kanji Foreman
David Lovgren Curator
Lauro Chartrand Gunman
Adrian Holmes Sergeant
Shaw Madson Sergeant #2
Dolores Drake Tour Guide
Aaron Pearl Captain
Colin Lawrence Pilot
Elliot Mandelcorn Leshem Follower
Paul Ziller
Producent Tom Berry
Paul Hertzberg
Josée Bernard
Schrijver Paul Ziller
Brad Abraham
Camerawerk Anthony C. Metchie
Muzikant Michael Neilson

When a group of archaeologists dig up a human skeleton near the historical monument of STONEHENGE, an ancient piece of machinery hidden beneath the bedrock is discovered. Not knowing what it could be the workers accidentally trigger the mechanism and start a chain of events that may very well end the world as we know it
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Release Datum 20-11-2012
Beeldverhouding 1.78:1
Ondertitels Dutch
Geluidssporen English Dolby Digital 5.1
Aantal Disks/Banden 1
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Locatie 06,02
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