Sleepy Hollow: The Complete Fourth Season
20th Century Fox Television (2016)
TV Series  /  Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
In Verzameling
IMDB   7.4
566 min. United States / English
DVD  Regio 1   Unrated
Jeremy Davies Malcolm Dreyfuss
Tom Mison Ichabod Crane
Janina Gavankar Diana Thomas
Kamar De Los Reyes Jobe
Rachel Melvin Alex Norwood
Lyndie Greenwood Jenny Mills
Jerry MacKinnon Jake Wells
Oona Yaffe Molly Thomas
Edwin Hodge Benjamin Banneker
Alexander Ward Demon
Randy Burnett Police Officer
John Noble Henry Parrish
Seychelle Gabriel Lara
Kathleen Hogan Mrs. Donovan
Tammie Marie Vaughan Bar Patron
James Kyson Lee Mark Wong
Dawntavia Bullard Assistant
Lawrence Kao Donnie Lu
Mark Campbell George Washington
Bailey Tippen Kendra
Dayne Catalano Colonial Fan
Griff Furst Mr. Branson
Robbie Kay Logan MacDonald
Hayley Lovitt Bryce
R. Keith Harris Landlord
Charmin Lee Madame President
Steven A. Adelson
Darnell Martin
Russell Lee Fine
Marc Roskin
Producent Len Wiseman
Alex Kurtzman
Clifton Campbell
Russell Lee Fine
Schrijver Len Wiseman
Alex Kurtzman
Sam Chalsen
Joey Falco
Camerawerk Jan Richter-Friis
Niels Alpert
Muzikant Brian Tyler
Robert Lydecker

Ichabod Crane awakes from the throes of death 250 years in the future where he must solve a mystery dating back to the founding fathers. Due to a blood spell cast on a battlefield during the Revolution, the infamous headless horseman is revived along with Crane, and the murderous rider embarks on a bloody rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod realizes that he must act quickly, for the headless horseman is only the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Detective Abbie Mills, a woman familiar with supernatural experiences, forms a bond with Crane as they try to stop an increasingly vicious cycle of evil.
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    6-1-2017  1.  Columbia
Crane and Jenny begin to navigate life following the unexpected death of Abbie Mills. When he finds himself in the nation’s capital, Crane must forge unlikely partnerships in his quest to find the next Witness, as he discovers that there is more evil at play than he realized was possible.
Regisseur:  Russell Fine  /  Russell Lee Fine  Schrijver:  Albert Kim 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los ReyesAlexander Ward, James Kyson
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    13-1-2017  2.  In Plain Sight
After a big discovery, Crane and Jenny struggle with breaking some difficult news to Diana. Meanwhile, the team learns that there may be witchcraft involved in a new case. Can Crane find a way to tell Diana what he knows?
Regisseur:  Marc Roskin  Schrijver:  Bryan Q. Miller 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los Reyes, Kelley Missal, Sara Sanderson, Courtney Lakin
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    20-1-2017  3.  Heads of State
When one of Crane's greatest foes comes to town to threaten the safety of Washington's highest officials, the team must work quickly to find a solution. Jake's extensive knowledge of the tunnels becomes an important piece of the puzzle as they uncover a secret from the past that could lead to answers.
Regisseur:  Kellie Cyrus  Schrijver:  M. Raven Metzner 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los ReyesEdwin Hodge
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    27-1-2017  4.  The People vs. Ichabod Crane
When a monster fashioned to make its victims live out their most personal and haunting memories hits D.C., the team must find its weakness to save one of their own. Meanwhile, Jenny forms an unlikely bond that could be important in saving the world. Can the group prevail against one of the most insidious monsters yet?
Regisseur:  Jim O'Hanlon  Schrijver:  Sam Chalsen 
Guest starring:  John NobleKamar De Los ReyesOnira Tares
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    3-2-2017  5.  Blood from a Stone
As Dreyfuss gets closer to making progress on his mission, important parts of his past come to light. His former partner returns to settle the score from years before and it becomes evident that Dreyfuss' involvement in the supernatural is not something new. Don't miss learning how Malcolm Dreyfuss came to be.
Regisseur:  Marc Roskin  Schrijver:  Theo Travers 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los Reyes, Bjorn Dupaty
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    10-2-2017  6.  Homecoming
When the team realizes that the talisman which Dreyfuss seeks might be hidden in the most obvious of places, they race against the clock to find it before the evil forces are aligned. Then, with heightened emotions and bittersweet memories, Jenny and Crane revisit important parts of their past as they return to Sleepy Hollow.
Regisseur:  Jim O'Hanlon  Schrijver:  Joe Webb 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los ReyesEdwin Hodge
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    17-2-2017  7.  Loco Parentis
Just before Molly's 11th birthday, her father returns from duty. As Diana begins to wonder if her ex might be ready to be a part of his daughter's life full-time, the team has a shocking realization.
Regisseur:  Russell Fine  /  Russell Lee Fine  Schrijver:  Zoë Green 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los ReyesBill HeckAlexander Ward
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    24-2-2017  8.  Sick Burn
When internet sensation Logan Macdonald comes to town, a supernatural infection hits, via a viral video. Meanwhile, Molly has a frightening vision that could predict a bleak future. Can the team cure the curse before it takes over town?
Regisseur:  Darnell Martin  Schrijver:  Joey Falco 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los ReyesRobbie Kay
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    3-3-2017  9.  Child's Play
When a monster appears that resembles Molly's childhood imaginary friend, Diana realizes her daughter's life as a Witness will be anything but normal. Meanwhile, Molly gets her chance to see the vault for the first time.
Regisseur:  Michael Goi  Schrijver:  Francisca X. Hu 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los Reyes, Michael Scialabba,  Claire Byrne, Devon Tresan, Derrick Lamont
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    10-3-2017  10.  Insatiable
When one of Diana's mentors is targeted by a horrific monster, she decides that the team must channel all of their power toward stopping Dreyfuss. Meanwhile, Dreyfuss and Jobe have a breakthrough on a project of which Team Witness may not yet be aware.
Regisseur:  Steven A. Adelson  Schrijver:  Keely MacDonald 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los Reyes, Jeff Sprauve, Ira Carmichael,  Catherine Dyer, Brian Patrick Murphy, Aaron Smalls, Michael Ewing, Tara Lee
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    17-3-2017  11.  The Way of the Gun
When a mysterious woman finds her way into the vault, the team struggles to understand who she is and with whom her allegiances lie. Meanwhile, Alex must come to terms with her complicated feelings when she finds herself in a tight spot. Can Team Witness handle what might be revealed?
Regisseur:  Russell Fine  /  Russell Lee Fine  Schrijver:  Bryan Q. Miller 
Guest starring:  Kamar De Los ReyesEdwin HodgeSeychelle Gabriel, Lionel Fine, Dheeba Donghrer,  Bailey Tippen, Sash Morfaw, Onye Eme-Akwari,  Hayley Lovitt
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    24-3-2017  12.  Tomorrow
With a glimpse into the dystopian world that could be if Dreyfuss comes to power, the team learns more about Lara. Knowing what is at stake, can Team Witness put a stop to the billionaire mad man before it's too late?
Regisseur:  Marc Roskin  Schrijver:  Albert Kim 
Guest starring:  John NobleSeychelle GabrielKamar De Los Reyes
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    31-3-2017  13.  Freedom
Dreyfuss finally garners enough power to infiltrate the White House, and his group of minions grow strong enough to take action. Can Team Witness stop Dreyfuss in time?
Regisseur:  Russell Fine  /  Russell Lee Fine  Schrijver:  M. Raven Metzner 
Guest starring:  John NobleKamar De Los ReyesSeychelle GabrielTerrence Mann
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Serie Sleepy Hollow
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