Star Trek: Picard: Season 1
CBS Television Studios (2020)
TV Series  /  Drama, Avontuur, Science Fiction, Actie
In Verzameling
IMDB   7.5
710 min. Verenigde Staten / Engels
Patrick Stewart Jean-Luc Picard
Alison Pill Dr. Agnes Jurati
Michelle Hurd Raffi Musiker
Isa Briones Dahj
Santiago Cabrera Cristóbal Rios
Harry Treadaway Narek
Peyton List Lieutenant Narissa Rizzo
Evan Evagora Elnor
Tamlyn Tomita Commodore Oh
Jeri Ryan Seven of Nine
Kay Bess La Sirena Computer
Brent Spiner Data
Jamie McShane Zhaban
Orla Brady Laris
Rebecca Wisocky Ramdha
Sumalee Montano Mother
Jonathan Del Arco Hugh
David Paymer Dr. Moritz Benayoun
Jonathan Frakes Will Riker
Evan Parke Tenqem Adrev
Ann Magnuson Admiral Kirsten Clancy
Derek Webster Romulan Guard
John Ales Dr. Bruce Maddox
Marti Matulis Checkpoint Supervisor
Jade Ramsey Arcana
Hanelle M. Culpepper
Jonathan Frakes
Producent Rod Roddenberry
Douglas Aarniokoski
Schrijver Michael Chabon
Akiva Goldsman
Camerawerk Philip Lanyon
Darran Tiernan
Muzikant Jeff Russo

Star Trek: Picard will take place after the destruction of the Romulan Empire and find Picard's life having been radically altered by the event.
    Seen it: Yes   44 min.    23-1-2020  1.  Remembrance
Fourteen years after retiring from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard, still haunted by the death of Data, is living a quiet life on his family vineyard when a woman comes to him for help.
    Seen it: Yes   43 min.    30-1-2020  2.  Maps and Legends
Without the support of Starfleet, Picard turns to Dr. Agnes Jurati and his estranged colleague Raffi Musiker for help in finding the truth about Dahj, unaware that hidden enemies are also interested in what he'll find.
    Seen it: Yes   42 min.    6-2-2020  3.  The End Is the Beginning
After reflecting on the past with Raffi, Picard hires her partner, Cristobal Rios, to help him in his search for Bruce Maddox; Soji's work on the Borg cube catches the attention of the executive director.
    Seen it: Yes   44 min.    13-2-2020  4.  Absolute Candor
On the way to Freecloud, Picard requests a stop at a Romulan refugee planet where he reunites with Elnor, the young Romulan he befriended fourteen years ago; Narek continues to learn more about Soji.
    Seen it: Yes   45 min.    20-2-2020  5.  Stardust City Rag
The La Sirena crew reach Freecloud and find Bruce Maddox in a precarious situation, so Seven of Nine, the ex-Borg they recently picked up, lends her assistance.
    Seen it: Yes   54 min.    27-2-2020  6.  The Impossible Box
Picard and the crew trace Soji to the Borg cube, forcing Picard to face memories of being Locutus; Narek believes he's found a way to safely exploit information from Soji.
    Seen it: Yes   58 min.    5-3-2020  7.  Nepenthe
Picard and Soji, who's struggling to make sense of her recently unlocked memories, travel to a planet that happens to be the home of Picard's old friends Will Riker and Deanna Troi; Elnor and Hugh are left on the Borg cube to face Narissa.
    Seen it: Yes   55 min.    12-3-2020  8.  Broken Pieces
Picard realizes how far some will go to protect secrets that go back generations when truths about the attack on Mars are revealed; Narissa orders her guards to capture Elnor, setting off a chain reaction on the Borg cube.
    Seen it: Yes   44 min.    19-3-2020  9.  Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1
With the Romulans in pursuit, Picard and the crew finally reach Soji's home planet - and discover more than they expected about the inhabitants.
    Seen it: Yes   56 min.    26-3-2020  10.  Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2
Picard and his team are pitted against the Romulans and the synthetics of Coppelius in a final confrontation.
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Serie Star Trek: Picard
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Aanschafdatum 13-1-2021
Locatie 22,07
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