Married... With Children: Season 9
Fox Network (1994)
TV Series  /  Komedie
In Verzameling
IMDB   8.0
630 min. Verenigde Staten / Engels
DVD    NL - 6
Christina Applegate Kelly Bundy
Ed O'Neill Al Bundy
Katey Sagal Peggy Bundy
Ted McGinley Jefferson D'Arcy
David Faustino Bud Bundy
Amanda Bearse Marcy D'Arcy
Buck Buck the Dog
Kevin Curran Buck
E.E. Bell Bob Rooney
Harold Sylvester Griff
Tom McCleister Ike
David Garrison Steve Rhoades
Dan Tullis Jr. Officer Dan
Teresa Parente Miranda Veracruz de la Jolla Cardinal
Juliet Tablak Amber
Joseph D. Reitman Tom
Dot-Marie Jones Dot
Bubba Smith Bubba Smith
Edd Hall TV Announcer
Dean Norris Rodent
Barry Shabaka Henley Charlie
Mary-Pat Green Marge
Bob Minor Franklin's Man
Jean Speegle Howard Ceil
George Plimpton Self
Bill Brown
Amanda Bearse
Gerry Cohen
Producent Stacie Lipp
Katherine Green
John Maxwell Anderson
David Castro
Schrijver Stacie Lipp
Katherine Green
Michael G. Moye
Ron Leavitt
Camerawerk Thomas W. Markle
John Simmons
Muzikant Jonathan Wolff
Jay Gruska
Mike Finnigan

The Bundys are a stereotypical "white trash" American family. Al is a shoe salesman who is fond of frequently reliving his doubtful 15 seconds of fame on the football field. Al is terrified of the all-to-frequent amorous advances his ditsy wife Peggy, a woman who must spend most of Al's wages at the salon and the mall. They have two children: Kelly, the stunning but superficial party animal, and Bud, who is too wrapped up in himself to realize his goal of "scoring" with a girl.
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    4-9-1994  1.  Shoeway to Heaven
Al and Jefferson decide to cash in on 1970s nostalgia by selling shoes from that period.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  / Carl Studebaker  Schrijver:  Carl Studebaker 
Guest starring:  Tawny Kitaen, Joe Bob Briggs,  Richard Stahl, Barbara Sammeth, Jodi Taffel, Rosie Taravella, John O'Connell, Terry Murphy
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    11-9-1994  2.  Driving Mr. Boondy
Al has to renew his driver's license and is upset to learn that Bud will be his Examiner.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Donald Beck 
Guest starring:  Oliver Muirhead, Nicole Nagel, Isa Totah,  Greg Callahan, Jeffrey Winner, Wesley Leong, Deborah Lee Hall, Gene Steichen
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    18-9-1994  3.  Kelly Breaks Out
Kelly has a big zit on the day before her commercial for Ice Hole beer and Peg offers her a solution. Her uncle Sticky Wanker's zit removing potion will cure it. Al is ecstatic for her being in the commercial, despite being upset over not having tapes of Emma Peel. The Home Shopping Network has offered him a compromise, endless first edition volumes of The Three Stooges, which he also loves. His real problem is with Marcy and her feminist group. They recently filed suit against Ice Hole beer for not hiring average and unattractive women. It had gone nowhere as the jury ruled for the company and FANG is forced to protest against the commercial.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Larry Jacobson 
Guest starring:  Michael Francis Clarke, Clio Augusto, Dennis Phun,  Don Brunner, Dot Jones
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    25-9-1994  4.  Naughty But Niece
Bud's intense studying for a scholarship exam makes him periodically nod off and fantasize about making out with beautiful women. So, is a passionate encounter between him and Marcy's visiting, sexually aggressive, 19-year-old niece, Amber, a dream or real?
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  David Castro 
Guest starring:  Juliet Tablak, Heather Paige Kent,  Joseph D. Reitman, Kirsten Holmquist
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    2-10-1994  5.  Business Sucks
When Al banishes a nursing mother for breast feeding her baby in the shoe store, Marcy and FANG holds a protest against Gary's Shoe Store in order to have him lift the ban.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Richard Gurman 
Guest starring:  Jean Speegle Howard, Dot Jones, David J. Poindexter, Jack Riley, Cynthia Steele,  Gretchen PalmerTerri J. Vaughn, Annie O'Donnell,  Rachel Winfree, Joe Costanza
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    9-10-1994  6.  Business Still Sucks
Al and No MA'AM decides to hold a counter protest in the favor of banning breast feeding from the shoe store.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Stacie Lipp 
Guest starring:  Mary-Pat Green, David J. Poindexter, Dot Jones, Cynthia Steele, Marla Cotovsky
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    16-10-1994  7.  Dial 'B' for Virgin
Bud's community service assignment for college is the one he is least suited for: consulting virgins on the brink of temptation, while he has to wrestle with temptation himself when he has to go to one's house to talk her out of it. Meanwhile, Al and Peggy go to the video store to find a movie they both can watch together.
Regisseur:  Amanda Bearse  Schrijver:  Wayne Kline 
Guest starring:  Monica Creel, Beverly Archer, Rhonda Aldrich, Phil Lodwick,  Bodhi Elfman
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    23-10-1994  8.  Sleepless in Chicago
Jefferson learns that the Barbie doll he bought for Marcy on her birthday at an auction is worth a small fortune of $50,000. So he asks Al a big favor: sleep next to Marcy for the night while he goes out to exchange dolls. In return, Al gets to keep a prized first addition of the magazine "Big Uns" that he bought at the auction with Jefferson's money.
Regisseur:  Katherine Green  Schrijver:  Katherine Green 
Guest starring:  Allan Trautman,  Juliet TablakKenneth Danziger
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    6-11-1994  9.  No Pot to Pease In
When Kelly auditions for a part in a Fox network sitcom she happens to mention some stories about her family which the producer likes better then the original script.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  John Glenn Houston 
Guest starring:  George Wyner, Lisa Kaseman, Richard Kelly Young, Steve Hack, Bruce Fine, Jennifer Massey,  J.J. Johnston, Mark Barriere, Rochelle Swanson, Amber Van Lent, Alex McLeod
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    13-11-1994  10.  Dud Bowl
After the funeral of a former football teammate at the Bullpen Sports Bar, an old rival, named Jack Franklin, challenges Al and his former team from Polk High into a grudge football match between them. But Al ends up being turned into a tackling dummy by ringers Bubba Smith, Laurence Taylor, Ken Stabler and John Reynolds on the opposing team.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Kim Weiskopf 
Guest starring:  John S. Reynolds,  Bubba Smith, Ken Stabler, Lawrence Taylor,  Stan Ivar, Drew Pillsbury,  Dean Norris, Chuck Lefever, Hillary Davis,  Darryl Henriques, Michael Leopard, Michelle Harrell, Dawn Reed
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    27-11-1994  11.  A Man for No Seasons
When Major League Baseball goes on a strike, NO MA'AM organizes their own league sponsored by nude bars.
Regisseur:  Amanda Bearse  Schrijver:  Kim Weiskopf 
Guest starring:  Mike Piazza, Bret Saberhagen, Danny Tartabull, Frank Thomas, Dave Winfield, Joe Morgan, Pat Millicano, Shaun Tour
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    11-12-1994  12.  I Want My Psycho Dad Part 1
Al launches his group NO MA'AM in a protest outside the local TV station after Marcy's group FANG gets NO MA'AM's favorite TV show "Psycho Dad" canceled. But in a blizzard, no one takes notice. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud try to convince Al to have them throw a house party for their friends.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Barry Gold 
Guest starring:  Andrew Prine, Bill Lee Brown
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    18-12-1994  13.  I Want My Psycho Dad: Part 2
Al and his friends from NO MA'AM who include Griff, Officer Dan, Ike, and Bob Rooney travel to Washington D.C. where thanks to Jefferson's pull, being a former CIA agent, Al and the group gets to address the U.S. Senate about Psycho Dad being put back on the air.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  David Castro 
Guest starring:  T.C. Warner, Barry Wiggins,  Michael PhilipJoseph D. ReitmanJ. Patrick McCormack
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    8-1-1995  14.  The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked
To check out their husbands claim of "totally innocent fun," Peggy, Marcy, and their friends accompany their husbands Al, Jefferson, Charlie, Ike, and Bob Rooney to the Jiggly Room strip club. Afraid of the ladies responses, Al and the group take them on a Thursday night where it's A-cup night so the men won't get excited by the small breasted dancers. Everything goes well at first, until the unexpected arrival of a huge breasted stripper named "Rocky Mountains." Meanwhile, Kelly lands a part in a weight loss commercial and must drink various un-drinkable protein shakes.
Regisseur:  Sam W. Orender  Schrijver:  Michael Moye 
Guest starring:  Barry Shabaka Henley, Jo Anne Hart,  Leland Orser, Alix Elias,  Carol Ann Susi, Brandy Ledford, Michael Cauldwell, Fumi Shishino, Letha Weapons, Iqbal Theba, Judy Carmen, Kevin Schon
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    15-1-1995  15.  Kelly Takes a Shot
Al gets an owl costume to scare away the birds who keep him awake. To impress Amber, Bud helps Kelly to learn archery for her audition.
Regisseur:  Amanda Bearse  Schrijver:  Al Aidekman 
Guest starring:  Juliet Tablak, Dion Anderson, Katherine Olsen
    Seen it: Yes   23 min.    5-2-1995  16.  Best of Bundy
George Plimpton hosts a 200th Episode celebration. Includes clips from many episodes spanning from the 1987 inaugural season through the mid-point of season 9.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Larry Jacobson 
Guest starring:  David GarrisonIan Gomez, Rick Batalla, Pierre Gonneau, Michael Faustino
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    5-2-1995  17.  Get the Dodge Out of Hell
Al's Dodge mysteriously disappears during a family visit to a local car wash while on their way to Wanker county. Meanwhile, Marcy's ex-husband, Steve Rhoades, mysteriously reappears at the car wash to show her his new life while she is trying to get the lazy Jefferson to work there.
Regisseur:  Sam W. Orender  Schrijver:  Donald Beck 
Guest starring:  Marty Rackham, David Drummond, John Robert Lafleur
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    12-2-1995  18.  25 Years and What Do You Get?
On their 25th wedding anniversary, Peggy goes out with Marcy to a posh health spa where Peggy gets conned out of all her money by a gift shop employee selling cheap beauty items. Meanwhile, Al is in trouble when the old and senile Buck buries in the back yard the anniversary gift necklace he plans to give Peggy, which prompts him, Bud, and Kelly to literally dig up the entire back yard looking for the necklace.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Michele J. Wolff 
Guest starring:  Wolfman Jack, Lisa Stahl, Mary Garripoli, Yvonne de La Paix
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    19-2-1995  19.  Ship Happens
Peg wins a cruise but decides to take Al and the Darcys along with her, leaving the kids at home with Wolfman Jack, but as always, misfortune follows.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Katherine Green 
Guest starring:  Gilbert Gottfried, Hannah Eckstein, Leilani Jones-Wilmore, Keith Sellon-Wright, Kevin McBride, Melissa Chan, Scott Hartman
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    26-2-1995  20.  Ship Happens
The Bundys ocean cruise takes a turn for the worse when their ship sinks and they are stranded on a life raft in the middle of the ocean with the D'Arcys, a fat woman, and comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud endure the media circus that comes to their house asking about their missing parents.
Regisseur:  Amanda Bearse  Schrijver:  Alison Taylor 
Guest starring:  Larry Storch, Lynn Ann Leveridge
    Seen it: Yes   23 min.    12-3-1995  21.  Something Larry This Way Comes
Kelly gets a big break while attending the Larry Storch School of Acting when she and Larry Storch are to appear on stage in a part of the show "Phantom of the Opera." But when the shoe store owner, Gary, knocks out Larry Storch himself, whom she holds a personal grudge against, Al must leave the midnight madness sale at the shoe store, leaving Griff solo, to go to Kelly's rescue at the theater.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Garry Bowren  / Laurie Lee-Goss 
Guest starring:  Jean Speegle HowardClint HowardRusty SchwimmerPeter Spellos, Vick Sabitjian,  Pat Crawford Brown, Julie Kato, Julia Kato
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    26-3-1995  22.  And Bingo Was Her Game-O
Peggy gets invited to the Bingo Invitational Final. To their horror, Al and Jefferson hear that the new spokes-model for their official No Ma'am club beer, Girlie Girl Beer, is Yoko Ono. Therefore, No Ma'am must select a new official beer.
Regisseur:  Sam W. Orender  Schrijver:  Russell Marcus 
Guest starring:  Juliet TablakJD Cullum, John Kendall, Elaine Hendrix
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    9-4-1995  23.  User Friendly
Bud gets hooked on a virtual-reality sex experiment to revitalize his sex life with Amber, until she and Kelly find out and plan to stop him. Meanwhile, during his week-long vacation, Al becomes obsessed with an electrical switch that has an unknown function.
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Kim Weiskopf  / David Castro 
Guest starring:  Tom Henschel, Miles Arreola, Jennifer Echols, Shae Marks, Wanda Acuna, Vene Lynn Acoraci, Dawn Randenbaugh, Mark Voland, Elicia Choice
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    30-4-1995  24.  Pump Fiction
When Kelly and Al collaborate and make a short documentary film about shoes for Kelly's acting class in the Larry Storch School of Acting, they win a grant of $10,000 from the National Endowment of the Arts to make another movie: "A Day in the Life of a Shoe Salesman."
Regisseur:  Gerry Cohen  Schrijver:  Stacie Lipp  / Richard Gurman 
Guest starring:  David GarrisonEric Dane, Andrew Kavovtt,  Keri RussellJoseph D. Reitman, Tim Elwell
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    30-4-1995  25.  My Favorite Married...
Cast members talk about some of the best moments in the series.
Regisseur:  Amanda Bearse  Schrijver:  Bootsie 
Guest starring:  Mary-Pat GreenCharlie DellMichael Rothhaar, Susan Varon, Mike Finneran
    Seen it: Yes   23 min.    7-5-1995  26.  Radio Free Trumaine
In this pilot for a proposed new TV series, set on Trumaine University's radio station, W.H.I.P., DJ's Oliver Cole and Mark Campbell host several hours of unconventional and overlooked programming. After a probing interview, divulging the past of Trumaine's new dean of students, Steve Rhoades, both Oliver and Mark are kicked off the air and expelled from the college. Marcy arrives and upon hearing the news, she tries to get revenge against her ex-husband by leading a feeble on-air protest against their expulsion. But their protest doesn't attract much attention. Meanwhile, Bud is dating April Adams, a fellow student and intern from Marcy's bank, who is also being pursued by Nickolai Pushkin, a rugged, handsome basketball star from Russia. When Bud desperately attempts to seal April's affections away from Nickolai, Mark happens by and secretly broadcasts the conversation over the station and calls it "Hot Talk With April." Mark, Oliver, and their new show become so popular that dozens of people turn out for the protest, in which Steve backs down and lets them stay on the air and at the college. April ends up rejecting both Bud and Nickolai, as well as a job at Marcy's bank to remain with Mark and Oliver at their radio station.
Regisseur:  Amanda Bearse  Schrijver:  Fran E. Kaufer 
Guest starring:  Noah SeganBilly GalloHarry S. MurphyDamien Leake, Christopher Miranda, Brad Parker, Lynsey Bartilson, Jessica Smith, Krystin Moore,  Bert L. Cook, Matt Zusser
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    14-5-1995  27.  Shoeless Al
An insurance agent is assigned to make sure Al is afraid to wear shoes to collaborate his lawsuit against the mall that claims he is afraid of shoes after being tied up by a burglar while at work. But Al must decide between the money from the settlement or winning a bowling championship when he's not allowed to bowl barefoot.
    Seen it: Yes   22 min.    21-5-1995  28.  The Undergraduate
Kelly's new secret admirer turns out to be a wealthy, spoiled, and immature 12-year-old boy, named Robbie Bennett, who blackmails her into accompanying him to his junior prom at his middle school. Bud also crashes the prom disguised as a music DJ to taunt Kelly until she finally cries out for help, and Bud saves her by contacting Robbie's father. But no one expects it when Robbie's father begins to eye Kelly too.
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