Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 3
Paramount Pictures (1994)
TV Series  /  Drama, Avontuur, Science Fiction, Actie
In Verzameling
IMDB   8.0
1181 min. Verenigde Staten / Engels
Alexander Siddig Doctor Bashir
Colm Meaney Chief Miles O'Brien
Rene Auberjonois Odo
Armin Shimerman Quark
Avery Brooks Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko
Nana Visitor Major Kira
Terry Farrell Lt. Jadzia Dax
Cirroc Lofton Jake Sisko
Randy James Jones
Robert Ford Star Fleet Crew Member
Majel Barrett Computer Voice
Brian Demonbreun Starfleet science officer
Andrew Robinson Garak
Tom Morga Ghost
Max Grodenchik Rom
Mark Allen Shepherd Morn
Robin Morselli Bajoran officer
Judi M. Durand Cardassian Computer
Dennis Madalone Security Officer
Sam Alejan Starfleet Medical Officer
Ivor Bartels Security officer
Ken Marshall Michael Eddington
Sarah Krasner Bajoran
Marc Alaimo Gul Dukat
Jeff Cadiente Operations division ensign
Cliff Bole
Jonathan Frakes
Reza Badiyi
Producent Rick Berman
Ronald D. Moore
Ira Steven Behr
Schrijver Gene Roddenberry
Rick Berman
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Camerawerk Jonathan West
Muzikant Jay Chattaway
Dennis McCarthy

When the Cardassian occupation of Bajor ended in 2369, the mining space-station Terok Nor was left abandoned, its systems ripped out. By invitation of the provisional Bajoran government, Starfleet stepped in to oversee the rebuilding and day-to-day operations of the newly christened Deep Space Nine. DS9 soon became a center of travel and commerce thanks to a newly found stable wormhole leading to the largely unexplored Gamma Quadrant.
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    26-9-1994  1.  The Search (1)
Sisko is assigned the mission of taking the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant to make peaceful contact with the founders of the Dominion.
Regisseur:  Kim Friedman  / Ira Steven Behr  Schrijver:  Ronald D. Moore  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Martha HackettJohn Fleck
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    3-10-1994  2.  The Search (2)
Odo begins to connect with his fellow Changelings as Sisko attempts to negotiate peace with the Dominion.
Regisseur:  Jonathan Frakes  / Ira Steven Behr  Schrijver:  Ira Steven Behr  /  Robert Hewitt Wolfe 
Guest starring:  Natalija Nogulich,  Martha HackettDennis Christopher, William Frankfather
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    16-10-1994  3.  The House of Quark
Quark lies about killing a Klingon and is then forced to marry the widow.
Regisseur:  Les Landau  / Tom Benko  Schrijver:  Ronald D. Moore  / Tom Benko 
Guest starring:  Mary Kay Adams,  Carlos CarrascoJoseph Ruskin, John Lendale Bennett
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    23-10-1994  4.  Equilibrium
A secret from Dax's past could mean the end of the current host's life.
Regisseur:  Cliff Bole  / Christopher Teague  Schrijver:  René Echevarria  / Christopher Teague 
Guest starring:  Lisa Banes, Jeff Magnus McBride,  Nicholas Cascone, Harvey Vernon
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    30-10-1994  5.  Second Skin
Kira is abducted and altered to look like a Cardassian in order to frame a Cardassian politician.
Regisseur:  Les Landau  Schrijver:  Robert Hewitt Wolfe 
Guest starring:  Gregory SierraCindy KatzLawrence Pressman, Christopher Carroll, Freyda Thomas,  Billy Burke
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    6-11-1994  6.  The Abandoned
A Jem'Hadar infant is found in salvaged spaceship wreckage and Odo strives to teach the rapidly maturing soldier to think for himself.
Regisseur:  Avery Brooks  Schrijver:  D.Thomas Maio  / Steve Warneck 
Guest starring:  Leslie Bevis, Bumper Robinson, Jill Sayre, Matthew Kimborough, Hassan Nicholas
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    13-11-1994  7.  Civil Defense
Deep Space Nine is progressively locked down after O'Brien, Jake and Sisko accidentally activate an old automated Cardassian security program.
Regisseur:  Reza Badiyi  Schrijver:  Mike Krohn 
Guest starring:  Danny Goldring
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    20-11-1994  8.  Meridian
Jadzia falls in love with a scientist on a planet whose inhabitants shift between this universe and a plane of pure energy every sixty years.
Regisseur:  Jonathan Frakes  / Hilary J. Bader  Schrijver:  Hilary J. Bader  / Evan Carlos Somers 
Guest starring:  Brett CullenChristine HealyJeffrey Combs
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    27-11-1994  9.  Defiant
When Commander William T. Riker from the Enterprise arrives on Deep Space 9, he takes a liking to Kira, who gives him a tour of the Defiant. But Riker is revealed to be not who he claims to be when he attacks Kira and steals the ship.
Regisseur:  Cliff Bole  Schrijver:  Ronald D. Moore 
Guest starring:  Jonathan FrakesShannon Cochran, Tricia O'Neil
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    4-12-1994  10.  Fascination
Lwaxana Troi pursues Odo during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival as members of the crew suddenly become infatuated with one another.
Regisseur:  Avery Brooks  / James Crocker  Schrijver:  James Crocker  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Majel Barrett
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    8-1-1995  11.  Past Tense (1)
A transporter accident sends Sisko, Bashir and Dax three centuries into Earth's dark past.
Regisseur:  Reza Badiyi  / Ira Steven Behr  Schrijver:  René Echevarria  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Jim MetzlerBill Smitrovich, Frank Military,  Tina LiffordDick Miller, Henry Hasashi, Patty Holley,  Richard Lee Jackson, Eric Stuart, John Lendale Bennett,  Al Rodrigo
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    15-1-1995  12.  Past Tense (2)
Sisko assumes the role of a pivotal historic figure in order to restore the timeline.
Regisseur:  Jonathan Frakes  Schrijver:  René Echevarria  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Bill Smitrovich, Frank Military,  Clint HowardDaniel ZacapaRichard Lee JacksonTina LiffordDick Miller, Deborah Van Valkenburgh,  Al Rodrigo, Mitch David Carter
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    5-2-1995  13.  Life Support
Bashir's ethics are put to the test as he keeps Vedek Bareil alive long enough to help Kai Winn complete negotiations for a peace treaty with Cardassia.
Regisseur:  Reza Badiyi  / Roger Soffer  Schrijver:  Ronald D. Moore  /  Christian Ford 
Guest starring:  Lark Voorhies, Andrew Prine, Kevin Carr, Eva Loseth, Ann H. Gillespie
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    12-2-1995  14.  Heart of Stone
Searching for a Maquis raider on an unstable moon, Kira is trapped in an expanding crystal formation that threatens to engulf her if Odo cannot set her free.
Regisseur:  Alexander Singer  / lexander Singe  Schrijver:  Ira Steven Behr  /  Robert Hewitt Wolfe 
Guest starring:  Max GrodenchikAron EisenbergSalome JensMajel Barrett
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    19-2-1995  15.  Destiny
Despite a Bajoran prophecy of destruction, Sisko assists in a joint scientific venture with the Cardassians to open communications through the wormhole.
Regisseur:  Les Landau  Schrijver:  David Samuel Cohen  / Martin A. Winer 
Guest starring:  Tracy Scoggins,  Wendy RobieErick Avari, Jessica Hendra
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    26-2-1995  16.  Prophet Motive
In a shock revelation to Quark and Rom, the Grand Nagus reveals he has re-written the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition; a move which threatens to cripple the Ferengi Empire.
Regisseur:  Rene Auberjonois  Schrijver:  Ira Steven Behr  /  Robert Hewitt Wolfe 
Guest starring:  Juliana Donald,  Bennet Guillory
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    5-3-1995  17.  Visionary
Exposure to radiation causes O'Brien to jump hours into the future for brief periods, as Deep Space Nine hosts Romulan and Klingon delegations.
Regisseur:  Reza Badiyi  / Ethan H. Calk  Schrijver:  John Shirley  / Ethan H. Calk 
Guest starring:  Jack ShearerAnnette Helde, Ray Young,  Bob MinorDennis Madalone
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    16-4-1995  18.  Distant Voices
After an alien assault leaves Bashir unconscious, he is trapped inside his mind.
Regisseur:  Alexander Singer  / Joe Menosky  Schrijver:  Joe Menosky  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Victor RiversNicole Forester
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    23-4-1995  19.  Through the Looking Glass
Sisko is abducted by the Miles O'Brien from the mirror universe, and is forced to assume the identity of their Sisko in order to rebel against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
Regisseur:  Winrich Kolbe  Schrijver:  Ira Steven Behr  /  Robert Hewitt Wolfe 
Guest starring:  Tim Russ, Felecia M. Bell
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    7-5-1995  20.  Improbable Cause
Garak's tailor shop is bombed, forcing Odo to investigate who is trying to kill the Cardassian exile.
Regisseur:  Robert Lederman  / Avery Brooks  Schrijver:  René Echevarria  / Robert Lederman 
Guest starring:  Carlos Lacamara,  Joseph Ruskin, Darwyn Carson,  Julianna McCarthy
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    7-5-1995  21.  The Die is Cast
Garak must decide whether or not to kill Odo to please his mentor on the eve of a joint Romulan-Cardassian attack on the Dominion.
Regisseur:  David Livingston  Schrijver:  Ronald D. Moore 
Guest starring:  Leland Orser, Leon Russorn, Wendy Schenker
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    14-5-1995  22.  Explorers
Sisko and Jake build a solar sailing ship in an attempt to recreate a journey taken by the ancient Bajorans.
Regisseur:  Cliff Bole  / Hilary J. Bader  Schrijver:  René Echevarria  / Hilary J. Bader 
Guest starring:  Bari Hochwald
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    21-5-1995  23.  Family Business
Quark returns to his home planet to confront his mother after hearing from the Ferengi Commerce Authority that she broke the law by earning profit.
Regisseur:  Rene Auberjonois  Schrijver:  Ira Steven Behr  /  Robert Hewitt Wolfe 
Guest starring:  Andrea Martin, Mel Green
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    28-5-1995  24.  Shakaar
Kai Winn needs Kira to convince her former resistance leader, now a farmer on Bajor, to return soil reclamators needed elsewhere.
Regisseur:  Jonathan West  Schrijver:  Gordon Dawson 
Guest starring:  John Doman, Duncan Regehr,  Sherman HowardWilliam LuckingDiane Salinger, Harry Hutchinson, John Kenton Shull
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    18-6-1995  25.  Facets
Jadzia Dax deals with feelings of inferiority as she encounters past hosts in a Trill ceremony.
Regisseur:  Cliff Bole  Schrijver:  René Echevarria 
Guest starring:  Jeffrey Alan Chandler
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    25-6-1995  26.  The Adversary
A Changeling sabotages the USS Defiant as it attempts to start a war in the Alpha Quadrant.
Regisseur:  Alexander Singer  Schrijver:  Ira Steven Behr  /  Robert Hewitt Wolfe 
Guest starring:  Lawrence Pressman, Jeff Austin
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