Stargate Sg-1: Season 8
MGM Worldwide Television (2004)
TV Series  /  Drama, Avontuur, Science Fiction, Actie
In Verzameling
IMDB   8.4
980 min. Verenigde Staten / Engels
DVD    NL - 6
Richard Dean Anderson Brigadier General Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping Lt. Col. Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge Teal'c
Gary Jones Sgt. Walter Harriman
Dan Shea Sgt. Siler
Dan Payne Kull Warrior
Tony Amendola Master Bra'tac
Eric Breker Major Reynolds
Cliff Simon Ba'al
Carmen Argenziano Jacob Carter
Don S. Davis Brigadier General George Hammond
Chelah Horsdal Lt. Womack
Isaac Hayes Tolok
Steve Bacic Camulus
Fraser Aitcheson Jaffa Commander
Barclay Hope Colonel Lionel Pendergast
Kevan Ohtsji Oshu
David DeLuise Pete Shanahan
Rob Hayter Sergeant
G. Patrick Currie Fifth
Vince Crestejo Yu-huang Shang Ti
Lucas Wolf Jennings
Jeff Judge Aron
Peter Bryant Hoskins
Peter DeLuise
Martin Wood
Andy Mikita
Producent Peter DeLuise
Brad Wright
Richard Dean Anderson
Robert C. Cooper
Schrijver Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich
Brad Wright
Jonathan Glassner
Camerawerk James Alfred Menard
Andrew D. Wilson
Muzikant Joel Goldsmith
Neal Acree

This sequel to the 1994 movie Stargate chronicles the further adventures of SGC (Stargate Command). It turned out that the Goa'uld Ra was only one of many alien System Lords who used the Stargates to conquer much of the universe. When Earth uncovers a working cartouche to decipher the coding system of their own Stargate, they find they can now travel anywhere. Earth's military sends out SG teams to explore new planets, find technology, and oppose the Goa'uld. Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson from the original movie are part of SG-1. They are joined by Sam Carter, a scientist, and Teal'c, a Jaffa who is convinced the Goa'uld are not gods.
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    9-7-2004  1.  New Order (1)
Carter and Teal'c go in search of the Asgard to try and save Colonel O'Neill, but discover that the Asgard's enemy has returned with a vengeance. The System Lords seek an alliance with Earth against a common enemy.
Regisseur:  Andy Mikita  Schrijver:  Joseph Mallozzi  / Paul Mullie 
Guest starring:  G. Patrick CurrieTorri HigginsonSteve BacicKira ClavellKevan OhtsjiBarclay HopeChelah Horsdal, Todd Masters, Adam Behr,  Geoff Redknap, Paul Hoosen,  Jeny Cassady, Brad Proctor
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    9-7-2004  2.  New Order (2)
While the Goa'uld threaten to attack Earth, SG-1 and the Asgard make a last, desperate stand against the Replicators, which have captured Major Carter and invaded the last outpost of the Asgard civilization.
Regisseur:  Andy Mikita  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Amanda TappingG. Patrick CurrieTorri HigginsonSteve BacicKira Clavell, Todd Masters, Adam Behr,  Geoff Redknap, Paul Hoosen,  Jeny Cassady, Brad Proctor,  Kevan OhtsjiBarclay HopeChelah HorsdalMichael Shanks
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    23-7-2004  3.  Lockdown
The S.G.C. is put under quarantine after a mysterious infection leaves a Russian officer in the infirmary -- but the disease may not be a disease at all.
Regisseur:  William Waring  Schrijver:  Joseph Mallozzi  / Paul Mullie 
Guest starring:  Gavin HoodAlisen DownAaron Pearl, Holly Ferguson, Arvydas Lebeliunas
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    30-7-2004  4.  Zero Hour
General O'Neill tries to settle into his new job, but faces never-ending crises - including the capture of SG-1 by the Goa'uld.
Regisseur:  Peter F. Woeste  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Pierre Bernard,  Eric Breker, David Kaufman,  Steve BacicMichael Ryan, Jesai Jayhmes, James Ashcroft,  Ken Kirzinger
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    6-8-2004  5.  Icon
Daniel is stranded on another planet after the team's arrival on an alien world sparks a violent civil war.
Regisseur:  Peter F. Woeste  Schrijver:  Damian Kindler 
Guest starring:  Richard Side,  Amy SloanTimothy WebberMatthew BennettJames Kidnie, Chris Redmond,  Leanne Adachi, Preston Cook, Charles Zuckermann
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    13-8-2004  6.  Avatar
Teal'c is trapped in a virtual reality simulation, in which he must defend the base from a Goa'uld super-soldier incursion.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  Schrijver:  Damian Kindler 
Guest starring:  Andrew AirlieDan Payne
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    20-8-2004  7.  Affinity
Teal'c becomes the chief suspect in a murder investigation after he moves into an apartment off-base. Carter considers her future with Pete.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  Schrijver:  Peter DeLuise 
Guest starring:  Brad KellyChristopher AttadiaLucas Wolf, Judith Berlin, Erica Durance, Sean Millington,  Peter Bryant, Adrian Hughes, Kate Mitchell,  Brad SihvonRob HayterBenita Ha, Michael Rogers, Derek Hamilton, Clay Virtue
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    27-8-2004  8.  Covenant
A businessman threatens to expose the secrets of alien life to the world, forcing Stargate Command to bring him into the loop.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  / Ron Wilkerson  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper  / Ron Wilkerson 
Guest starring:  Charles Shaughnessy,  Tom O'BrienKendall CrossChris Shields, Ingrid Torrance, Brad Proctor, Morris Chapdelaine, George Grove, Nicolas Podbrey, Todd Masters, Paul Hoosen
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    10-9-2004  9.  Sacrifices
The impending wedding of his son is the least of Teal'c's worries when the Hak'tyl plan an uprising against the Goa'uld Moloc, driving a wedge between Teal'c and Ishta.
Regisseur:  Andy Mikita  Schrijver:  Christopher Judge 
Guest starring:  Jolene BlalockJeff JudgeMercedes de la Zerda, Royston Innes,  Gary Jones, Simon Bailey,  Noah Danby, Steve Lawlor,  Dan Payne
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    17-9-2004  10.  Endgame
The Stargate is stolen, leading SG-1 to discover that the Trust has taken control of an advanced ship in orbit. Teal'c investigates a series of wide-spread Jaffa deaths.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  Schrijver:  Joseph Mallozzi  / Paul Mullie 
Guest starring:  Ed Anders, Ryan Booth,  Chelah HorsdalRob HayterBarclay Hope, Scott Owen,  Benita HaPeter BryantLucas WolfGary JonesRob LeeMark GibbonMichael Sorich, Brandy Ledford
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    21-1-2005  11.  Gemini
A duplicate of Colonel Carter seeks help from Stargate Command in defeating the Replicator Fifth, who she claims has found a way to counter the Asgard's new weapon.
Regisseur:  William Waring  Schrijver:  Peter DeLuise 
Guest starring:  Amanda TappingG. Patrick CurrieGary Jones, Jason Emanuel,  Chris Robson
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    28-1-2005  12.  Prometheus Unbound
After the Prometheus responds to a distress call from a Goa'uld ship, Daniel Jackson finds himself a captive when Earth's ship is stolen.
Regisseur:  Andy Mikita  Schrijver:  Damian Kindler 
Guest starring:  Don S. DavisGary JonesEllie HarvieEric Breker, Morris Chapdelaine, Christoper Pearce,  Geoff RedknapDan Payne
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    4-2-2005  13.  It's Good To Be King
SG-1 comes to the aid of a world about to be invaded by the Goa'uld, only to discover that the local king is Earth's Harry Maybourne.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  / Michael Greenburg  Schrijver:  Joseph Mallozzi  / Paul Mullie 
Guest starring:  Wayne Brady,  Tom McBeath, Nancy Sorel, Melanie Blackwell, Robert Bruce, Zak Church
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    11-2-2005  14.  Full Alert
Relations between the U.S. and Russia are strained when Russian military leaders claim that the U.S. government has been compromised by the Goa'uld.
Regisseur:  Andy Mikita  Schrijver:  Joseph Mallozzi  / Paul Mullie 
Guest starring:  Hiro Kanagawa, Allan Gray,  Mike DopudDmitry Chepovetsky, Joey Aresco, Francoise Robertson,  Ronny CoxLucas WolfBarclay HopeChelah HorsdalGary Jones
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    18-2-2005  15.  Citizen Joe
Jack is confronted in his home by an irate barber...who claims to know everything about the Stargate project and SG-1.
Regisseur:  Andy Mikita  /  Robert C. Cooper  Schrijver:  Damian Kindler 
Guest starring:  Andy Thompson, Mark Hansen,  Alex Ferris, Chad Krowchuk, Beatrice Zeilanger,  Dan Castellaneta, Deborah Theaker, Louis Chirillo,  Eric Keenleyside
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    25-2-2005  16.  Reckoning (1)
The Replicators begin a systematic attack of the Goa'uld, forcing Baal to come to Earth for help. The Jaffa Resistance risk their entire movement in an attempt to retake a holy city in Baal's domain.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  Schrijver:  Damian Kindler 
Guest starring:  Amanda Tapping, Samantha Banton,  Jeff Judge, Dean Aylesworth,  Carmen ArgenzianoMel HarrisIsaac Hayes, Kevan Ohtaji,  Gary Jones
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    4-3-2005  17.  Reckoning (2)
The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance as Sam and Jacob search for the only weapon capable of stopping the Replicator onslaught. O'Neill leads a defense of the S.G.C., while Daniel squares off against Replicator Carter.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  Schrijver:  Damian Kindler 
Guest starring:  Amanda TappingJeff Judge, Dean Aylesworth,  Carmen ArgenzianoIsaac HayesEric BrekerGary Jones
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    11-3-2005  18.  Threads
While Daniel finds himself in a mysterious diner suspended between death and ascension, Jacob's fate takes an unexpected turn, Jack and Sam consider their romantic lives, and Anubis unleashes his plan for galactic destruction.
Regisseur:  Andy Mikita  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Amanda TappingMel HarrisCarmen ArgenzianoIsaac HayesJeff Judge, Rik Kiviaho,  Clare CareyGary JonesGeorge Dzundza
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    18-3-2005  19.  Moebius (1)
SG-1 travels back in time in a daring plan to steal a piece of Ancient technology from Ra, the powerful Goa'uld who ruled in ancient Egypt.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  / Brad Wright  Schrijver:  Joseph Mallozzi  / Paul Mullie 
Guest starring:  Don S. DavisDavid HewlettRobert WisdenDavid LewisAlessandro Juliani, James Purcell,  Georgia CraigBenjamin EasterdayNeil Schell, Jay Williams
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    25-3-2005  20.  Moebius (2)
With the timeline changed by SG-1's actions in the distant past, an alternate version of SG-1 must use the newly-discovered time ship to set things right.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  / Brad Wright  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Alessandro JulianiJay AcovoneDavid HewlettDon S. DavisBenjamin Easterday, Sina Najafi, Christopher Pearce, Rob Fournier
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