Stargate Sg-1: Season 2
MGM Worldwide Television (1998)
TV Series  /  Drama, Avontuur, Science Fiction, Actie
In Verzameling
IMDB   8.4
973 min. Verenigde Staten / Engels
DVD    NL - 6
Richard Dean Anderson Colonel Jack O'Neill
Don S. Davis Major General George Hammond
Michael Shanks Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping Captain Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge Teal'c
Teryl Rothery Dr. Janet Fraiser
Laara Sadiq Female Technician
Peter Williams Apophis
Tobias Mehler Lieutenant Graham Simmons
Carmen Argenziano General Jacob Carter
Dan Shea Sgt. Siler
Douglas Arthurs Heru'ur
Tony Amendola Master Bra'tac
Gary Jones Sgt. Walter Harriman
Daniel Bacon Technician
JR Bourne Martouf
Roger R. Cross Captain Conner
Tom McBeath Colonel Harry Maybourne
Marshall R. Teague AF Colonel Frank Cromwell
Alex Zahara Michael
Sarah Douglas Yosuuf
Alexis Cruz Skaara
Rodney A. Grant Tonané
David Palffy Sokar
Roger Haskett Doctor
Brad Turner
Bill Corcoran
David Warry-Smith
Martin Wood
Producent Brad Wright
Robert C. Cooper
Richard Dean Anderson
Jonathan Glassner
Schrijver Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich
Jonathan Glassner
Brad Wright
Camerawerk Chris McMullin
Peter F. Woeste
James Alfred Menard
Muzikant Kevin Kiner
Joel Goldsmith

This sequel to the 1994 movie Stargate chronicles the further adventures of SGC (Stargate Command). It turned out that the Goa'uld Ra was only one of many alien System Lords who used the Stargates to conquer much of the universe. When Earth uncovers a working cartouche to decipher the coding system of their own Stargate, they find they can now travel anywhere. Earth's military sends out SG teams to explore new planets, find technology, and oppose the Goa'uld. Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson from the original movie are part of SG-1. They are joined by Sam Carter, a scientist, and Teal'c, a Jaffa who is convinced the Goa'uld are not gods.
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    26-6-1998  1.  The Serpent's Lair
With SG-1 trapped on Klorel's ship, it seems that Earth is doomed as the Pyramid Ships prepare to destroy Earth.
Regisseur:  Jonathan Glassner  Schrijver:  Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Robert WisdenAlexis Cruz, Bernie Neufeld,  Phillip Mitchell, Michael Brynjolfson,  Douglas ArthursLaara Sadiq
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    3-7-1998  2.  In the Line of Duty
Carter is possessed by a Goa'uld who claims to be an enemy of the System Lords.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Peter LaCroix,  Judy NortonKatie StuartTracy Westerholm, Joe Pascual, Ian Robinson,  Benz Antoine
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    10-7-1998  3.  Prisoners
SG-1 is put on trial and exiled to a prison world, where a woman maintains a strange control over her fellow prisoners.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  Schrijver:  Terry Curtis Fox 
Guest starring:  Judy NortonTracy WesterholmLaara SadiqMichael PuttonenColin Lawrence, Andrew Wheeler,  Mark AchesonBonnie Bartlett, Nicole Rudell,  Woody JeffreysJim Thorburn, David Allan Pearson, Reg Tupper, David Bloom, Kim Kondrashoff, Colleen Winton, Ian Robison
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    17-7-1998  4.  The Gamekeeper
SG-1 is imprisoned in a virtual reality realm and forced to relive the worst moments of their lives over and over.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  / Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Robert Duncan,  Dwight SchultzJay Acovone, Lisa Bunting
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    24-7-1998  5.  Need
Jackson becomes addicted to the effects of a Goa'uld sarcophagus, and falls for the planet's manipulative princess.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  / Damian Kindler 
Guest starring:  Heather Hanson,  Gary JonesGeorge Touliatos, Andrew Guy,  Michael PhilipJason Calder, Roy Prendergast
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    31-7-1998  6.  Thor's Chariot
SG-1 returns to Cimmeria, and finds that without protection from the Asgard the planet has been invaded by the Goa'uld.
Regisseur:  Bill Gereghty  Schrijver:  Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  Tamsin KelseyAndrew KavadasMark GibbonDouglas Arthurs
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    7-8-1998  7.  Message in a Bottle
SG-1 discovers an ancient artifact that takes O'Neill and the S.G.C. hostage.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  / Michael Greenburg 
Guest starring:  Tobias Mehler
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    14-8-1998  8.  Family
The SG-1 team attempt to rescue Teal'c's son, who has been kidnapped and brainwashed by Apophis. Teal'c learns disturbing news about his wife.
Regisseur:  Bill Gereghty  Schrijver:  Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  Brook Susan Parker,  Peter BryantLaara Sadiq, Jan Frandsen
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    21-8-1998  9.  Secrets
Jackson discovers that his wife has returned to Abydos, and is nine months pregnant with the son of Apophis. O'Neill must keep the secret of the Stargate program from being uncovered.
Regisseur:  Duane Clark  Schrijver:  Terry Curtis Fox 
Guest starring:  Vaitiare BanderaDouglas ArthursChris OwensErick Avari
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    25-9-1998  10.  Bane
Teal'c is infected with deadly venom from a giant insect, and begins a terrible transformation. When he escapes the S.G.C., SG-1 must find him before Colonel Maybourne does.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Scott Hylands, Colleen Rennison
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    2-10-1998  11.  The Tok'ra (1)
SG-1 locates the Tok'ra, a Goa'uld resistence movement who oppose the System Lords, and attempt to form an alliance. Jacob Carter's cancer brings him near death.
Regisseur:  Brad Turner  Schrijver:  Jonathan Glassner 
Guest starring:  Sarah Douglas, Winston Rekert, Steve Makaj, Tosca Baggoo, Stephen Tibbetts,  Roger HaskettLaara Sadiq, Joy Coghill,  Carmen Argenziano
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    9-10-1998  12.  The Tok'ra (2)
While SG-1 tries to form an alliance with the Tok'ra, a spy betrays the rebels to the Goa'uld. Jacob Carter finds that the Tok'ra may be his only hope of survival
Regisseur:  Brad Turner  Schrijver:  Jonathan Glassner 
Guest starring:  Sarah Douglas, Steve Makaj, Tosca Baggoo, Winston Rekert, Joy Coghill
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    23-10-1998  13.  Spirits
SG-1 finds a planet inhabited by Native American Indians, protected by spirits who are actually advanced alien shapeshifters.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  Schrijver:  Tor Alexander Valenza 
Guest starring:  Rodney A. Grant, Leonard George, Byron Chief-Moon, Jason Calders,  Laara SadiqAlex ZaharaChristina CoxKevin McNultyRoger R. Cross
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    30-10-1998  14.  Touchstone
SG-1 is accused of stealing an important weather-controlling device, sending a primative planet into chaos. The team discovers that Earth's second Stargate is being misused.
Regisseur:  Brad Turner  Schrijver:  Sam Egan 
Guest starring:  Tiffany Knight,  Eric Breker, Conan Graham,  Matthew Walker, Jerry Masserman
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    22-1-1999  15.  The Fifth Race
O'Neill becomes the unwilling receptacle for a library of alien knowledge.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Tobias MehlerDavid Adams
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    29-1-1999  16.  A Matter of Time
After gating to a world on the edge of a black hole, the S.G.C. cannot disengage the Stargate. All of Earth becomes endangered by the time-distorting gravity field.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  / Misha Rashovich 
Guest starring:  Tobias Mehler, Marshall Teague, Kurt Max Rurte, Biskki Gugusher,  Jim Thorburn
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    5-2-1999  17.  Holiday
SG-1 discovers an elderly man known for developing technology to fight the Goa'uld. Daniel is tricked into switching bodies with the man, Ma'chello, who believes he is "owed" for all the good he has done.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  Schrijver:  Tor Alexander Valenza 
Guest starring:  Michael Shanks, Alvin Sanders, Melanie Skehar, Darryl Scheetar
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    12-2-1999  18.  Serpent's Song
Apophis, SG-1's greatest enemy, seeks sanctuary from Sokar and ends up near death in the S.G.C. infirmiry.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  Schrijver:  Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  Tobias Mehler, Peter LaCroix
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    19-2-1999  19.  One False Step
A group of primitive aliens begin to fall deathly ill after SG-1 arrives.
Regisseur:  William Corcoran  Schrijver:  Michael Kaplan  / John Sanborn 
Guest starring:  Colin Heath,  David Cameron, Shaun Phillips, Richard DeKlerk
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    26-2-1999  20.  Show and Tell
A young boy arrives through the Stargate, and warns of plot by invisible aliens to kill all of the human race in order to rob the Goa'uld of potential hosts.
Regisseur:  Peter DeLuise  Schrijver:  Jonathan Glassner 
Guest starring:  Jeff GulkaPeter DeLuise
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    5-3-1999  21.  1969
A cosmic accident causes SG-1 to be sent back 30 years into Earth's past, where they must locate the Stargate and find a way home.
Regisseur:  Charlie Correll  Schrijver:  Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Alex Zahara, Amber Rothwell, Pamela Perry,  Glynis DaviesFred HendersonSean Campbell, Efosa Otuomagie,  Aaron Pearl
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    12-3-1999  22.  Out of Mind
O'Neill, Carter and Jackson awaken from stasis in what appears to be the S.G.C. -- almost 80 years in the future.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  / Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Suanne Braun,  Tom ButlerSamantha Ferris
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