Stargate Sg-1: Season 1
MGM Worldwide Television (1997)
TV Series  /  Drama, Avontuur, Science Fiction, Actie
In Verzameling
IMDB   8.4
981 min. Verenigde Staten / Engels
DVD    NL - 6
Richard Dean Anderson Colonel Jack O'Neill
Don S. Davis Major General George Hammond
Michael Shanks Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping Captain Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge Teal'c
Gary Jones Sgt. Walter Harriman
Teryl Rothery Dr. Janet Fraiser
Peter Williams Apophis
Jay Acovone Major Charles Kawalsky
Colin Lawrence Warren
Robert Wisden Samuels
Brent Stait Louis Ferretti
Alexis Cruz Skaara
Eric Schneider Dr. MacKenzie
John 'Bear' Curtis Primitive
Vaitiare Bandera Sha're
James Earl Jones Unas
Gerard Plunkett High Councilor Tuplo
Tabitha St. Germain Byrsa Woman
Rick Ravanello Guard #2
Rachel Hayward Sgt. Carol Weterings
Garvin Cross Casey
John Tierney Monk
Adam J. Harrington Goa'uld #2
J.B. Bivens Guard #1
Mario Azzopardi
Brad Turner
William Gereghty
Producent Brad Wright
Michael Greenburg
Jonathan Glassner
Schrijver Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich
Brad Wright
Jonathan Glassner
Camerawerk Peter F. Woeste
Muzikant David Arnold
Kevin Kiner
Joel Goldsmith
Richard Band

Air Force Cornel Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) is the leader of SG-1. He leads his team, Dr Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) and Teal’c (Christopher Judge), on missions through the Stargate to other planets. Some of the planets that they visit are friendly; other planets do not trust anybody that comes through the Stargate and they try to kill them. Samantha Carter is a major with the Air Force and a brilliant astrophysics. Daniel Jackson is an archaeologist and linguist; he is mostly there to learn about other cultures. Teal’c is a Goa’uld that helped the SG team escape when his master was planning to kill them; he escaped with them and joined the SG team.
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    27-7-1997  1.  Children of the Gods (1)
When powerful aliens come through Earth's Stargate, Colonel Jack O'Neill returns to Abydos to retrieve Daniel Jackson, who has discovered that the alien transit system includes much more than the two planets.
Regisseur:  Mario Azzopardi  Schrijver:  Brad Wright  /  Jonathan Glassner 
Guest starring:  Jay AcovoneVaitiare BanderaRobert WisdenBrent StaitAlexis Cruz, J. B. Bivens,  Rick RavanelloRachel Hayward, Stephen Sumner, John Bear Curtis,  John TierneyColin LawrenceGarvin Cross, Anthony Ashbee,  Eric Schneider, Andrew McIlwaine, Santo Lombardo, Sean Amsi
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    27-7-1997  2.  Children of the Gods (2)
Colonel O'Neill, leading the new SG-1, track Apophis back to the planet Chulak to rescue Sha're and Skaara, and befriend one of Apophis' Jaffa guards.
Regisseur:  Mario Azzopardi  Schrijver:  Brad Wright  /  Jonathan Glassner 
Guest starring:  Brent StaitRobert Wisden, Anthony Ashbee,  Alexis Cruz, Andrew McIlwaine,  Eric Schneider, Santo Lombardo,  Vaitiare Bandera, Stephen Sumner,  Garvin CrossColin LawrenceJohn Tierney, Monique Rusu,  Rachel Hayward, Sean Amsing, John Bear Curtis, Adam Harrington, Jay Acov
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    1-8-1997  3.  The Enemy Within
Major Kawalsky is possessed by a Goa'uld, and the SGC must find a way to remove it without killing him.
Regisseur:  Dennis Berry  Schrijver:  Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Kevin McNultyAlan RachinsWarren TakeuchiJay Acovone
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    8-8-1997  4.  Emancipation
An alien civilization is forced to reconsider their views on women when Carter rebels against their social customs.
Regisseur:  Jeff Woolnough  Schrijver:  Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Jorgito Vargas, Soon-Teck Oh, Crystal Lo, Marilyn Chin
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    15-8-1997  5.  The Broca Divide
Members of SG-1 become infected with an alien virus that turns them into primitive beings. Dr. Fraiser must find a cure to save the team and the alien population from whom it was contracted.
Regisseur:  Bill Gereghty  Schrijver:  Jonathan Glassner 
Guest starring:  Steve Makaj,  Gerard PlunkettDanny Wattley, Roxana Philip
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    22-8-1997  6.  The First Commandment
SG-1 must stop a renegade Stargate commander, who has gone mad and set himself up as a god on an alien planet.
Regisseur:  Dennis Berry  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Roger R. CrossWilliam Russ, Adrian Hughes, Zahf Hajee, D. Neil Mark,  Darcy Laurie
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    29-8-1997  7.  Cold Lazarus
During an off-world assignment, Jack is struck down by energy from a blue crystal... which creates a duplicate of him that returns to Earth in Jack's place.
Regisseur:  Kenneth J. Girotti  Schrijver:  Jeff F. King 
Guest starring:  Harley Jane KozakKyle Graham, Wally Dalton, Jane Spence
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    12-9-1997  8.  The Nox
Pressed by the government to acquire new technologies, SG-1 is led to a world inhabited by a seemingly primative race. When Apophis arrives, SG-1 ambush him with disasterous consequences.
Regisseur:  Charlie Correll  Schrijver:  Hart Hanson 
Guest starring:  Armin ShimermanRay Xifo, Frida Betrani,  Terry David Mulligan, Addison Ridge, Michasa Armstrong, Zoran Vukelic
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    19-9-1997  9.  Brief Candle
SG-1 discovers a race of attractive people who age extremely rapidly. The situation becomes personal when O'Neill begins to suffer from the same accelerated aging, and must live out the rest of his life on the planet.
Regisseur:  Mario Azzopardi  / Steven Barnes  Schrijver:  Katharyn Powers  / Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  Bobbie Phillips, Harrison Coe, Gabrielle Miller
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    26-9-1997  10.  Thor's Hammer
Teal'c and O'Neill are transported to an underground cage designed by the Asgard to protect an alien world from the Goa'uld.
Regisseur:  Brad Turner  Schrijver:  Katharyn Powers  / Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  James Earl Jones, Galyn Gorg,  Tamsin Kelsey, Vincent Hammond,  Mark Gibbon
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    3-10-1997  11.  The Torment of Tantalus
SG-1 tracks down Catherine Langford's fiance, who took the first Stargate trip in 1945, and discovers an ancient meeting hall that may hold the secrets of the universe itself.
Regisseur:  Jonathan Glassner  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Elizabeth Hoffman, Keene Curtis,  Duncan Fraser, Nancy McClure,  Paul McGillion, Sheela Megill
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    10-10-1997  12.  Bloodlines
Teal'c returns to Chulak to stop his people from implanting his son with a larval Goa'uld.
Regisseur:  Mario Azzopardi  Schrijver:  Jeff F. King 
Guest starring:  Salli Richardson, Bob Wilde,  Brian Jensen
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    17-10-1997  13.  Fire and Water
Daniel is taken captive by an alien with a hidden agenda, while SG-1 is made to believe he is dead.
Regisseur:  Allan Eastman  Schrijver:  Brad Wright  / Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  Gerard PlunkettEric Schneider
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    24-10-1997  14.  Hathor
The banished Goa'uld Hathor is found in an ancient sarcophagus Earth, and takes over the S.G.C. with hopes of raising a new army against the System Lords.
Regisseur:  Brad Turner  / J. Larry Carroll  Schrijver:  Jonathan Glassner  / J. Larry Carroll 
Guest starring:  Suanne Braun,  Tracy Westerholm, Amanda O'Leary,  David Hurtubise
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    31-10-1997  15.  Singularity
A mysterious affliction wipes out the entire population of a planet, plus an SG team -- except for one young girl. Carter befriends her, but learns that she is being used by the Goa'uld.
Regisseur:  Mario Azzopardi  Schrijver:  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Katie StuartKevin McNulty
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    23-1-1998  16.  Cor-Ai
Teal'c must stand trial for a crime committed while he served as first prime of Apophis when a villager on an alien world identifies him as the Jaffa who killed his father.
Regisseur:  Mario Azzopardi  Schrijver:  Tom J. Astle 
Guest starring:  David McNally, Paulina Gillis, Christine Jastrzembska, Michasa Armstrong
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    30-1-1998  17.  Enigma
The SG-1 team rescues a group of advanced humans from a planet near destruction, and must find a new home for the refugees before the Pentagon gets their hands on them.
Regisseur:  Bill Gereghty  Schrijver:  Katharyn Michaelian Powers 
Guest starring:  Tracy WesterholmGerard PlunkettTobin Bell, Frida Betrani,  Garwin SanfordWoody Jeffreys
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    6-2-1998  18.  Solitudes
Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter are separated from Jackson and Teal'c during a Stargate journey, and are trapped on a desolate ice world with no way of escape.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  Schrijver:  Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Tracy WesterholmGerard PlunkettTobin Bell, Frida Betrani,  Garwin SanfordWoody Jeffreys
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    13-2-1998  19.  Tin Man
The members of SG-1 arrive on P3X-989 and are knocked unconscious. They wake up and return to Earth only to find that they are not quite themselves.
Regisseur:  Jimmy Kaufman  Schrijver:  Jeff F. King 
Guest starring:  Dan SheaJay Brazeau
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    20-2-1998  20.  There But For the Grace of God
An alien artifact transports Daniel to an alternate reality, where he is not a part of the Stargate program and the Goa'uld -- led by Teal'c -- are invading Earth.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  / David Kemper  Schrijver:  David Kemper  /  Robert C. Cooper 
Guest starring:  Elizabeth Hoffman, Stuart O'Connell, Michael Kopsa
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    27-2-1998  21.  Politics
Senator Kinsey arrives at the SGC to investigate the program and determine whether the great drain on the U.S. budget is worthwhile, prompting the team to recall missions from the past year.
Regisseur:  Martin Wood  Schrijver:  Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Robert Wisden
    Seen it: Yes   60 min.    6-3-1998  22.  Within the Serpent's Grasp
SG-1 escapes through the Stargate before it is shut down, and learns that Daniel's alternate reality vision is true: Apophis is moving to attack Earth from above. The team must stop Apophis and his son, Klorel, who inhabits the body of their friend Skaara.
Regisseur:  David Warry-Smith  / James Crocker  Schrijver:  Brad Wright 
Guest starring:  Alexis CruzBrent Stait
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