IMDb waardering:
starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 6.8/10 (238831 stemmen)

Regisseur(s): David Fincher

Land: Verenigde Staten   Film studio: Columbia Pictures

Speelduur: 112 minuten

Genre(s): Thriller, Drama, Misdaad

Video codec: Unknown   Beeldverhouding: 2.55:1

Gesproken Taal: Engels   


Ondertitels: Nederlands

Verhaal: Recently divorced Meg Altman and her daughter Sarah have bought a new home in New York. On their tour around the mansion, they come across the panic room. A room so secure, that no one can get in. When three burglars break in, Meg makes a move to the panic room. But all her troubles don't stop there. The criminals know where she is, and what they require the most in the house is in that very room.

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Drager: Onbekend   Bron: Bluray   Uitgeleend: Nee   Grootte: 0 KB

Nummer: 2334   Aangepast nummer:   Opbergplaats: 16,02