IMDb waardering:
starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 6.6/10 (149808 stemmen)

Regisseur(s): Steve Martino, Mike Thurmeier

Land: Verenigde Staten   Film studio: 20th Century Fox

Speelduur: 88 minuten

Genre(s): Komedie, Avontuur, Fantasie, Animatie, Familie

Video codec: Unknown   Beeldverhouding: 2.35:1

Gesproken Taal: Engels   


Verhaal: When Scrat accidentally provokes a continental cataclysm with a storm, Manny is separated from Ellie and Peaches on an iceberg with Diego, Sid and Granny but he promises that he will find a way to return home. While crossing the ocean, they are captured by the cruel pirate Captain Gutt and his crew. However they escape and Manny plots a plan to steal Captain Gutt's ship and return to his homeland in a dangerous voyage through the sea. But the cruel pirates seek revenge against Manny and his family and friends.

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Drager: Onbekend   Bron: Onbekend   Uitgeleend: Nee   Grootte: 0 KB

Nummer: 1446   Aangepast nummer:   Opbergplaats: 02,01